Solar Inverter Sun 3KW


Hybrid Solar Inverter 3KW 24v SUN S-2330 Pietermaritzburg Inverters Solar Panels Lithium Batteries Mounting Structures DB Boards


Hybrid Solar Inverter Sun 3KW 24v S-2330

Model: S-2330

Capacity: 3000W

DC Input: 24VDC

AC Input: 230VAC, 50/60Hz

Solar Charge Mode: MPPT-24

Rated Current: 60A

Best Vmp Range: 30-105VDC

Operating Voltage Range: 30-150VDC

Max.Solar Voltage (VOC): 150VDC

Net Weight: 16.03 KG

Gross Weight: 18.81 KG

Size: 557 x 387 x 203mm

Battery Cables Included


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