Tubular battery 12v 100AH


This 100AH-12v Tubular battery 3000 cycles Conderenergy provides 1200 watts with 600 watts been usable till 50% DOD, Available now


Tubular battery 12v 100AH 3000 cycles from Conderenergy

(Please note this battery can leak if it gets tilted, we do not accept courier damage for this item. Please collect or arrange your own courier at your own risk if this battery leaks please just refill it with distilled water)

What is a tubular battery.

Tubular battery is a type of inverter battery which are more durable and suitable for long-term power supply. Tubular batteries are much easier to use and require less water refilling.

They are more dependable than flat plate batteries and typically have a longer warranty period. A tubular battery is more expensive than a standard flat plate battery and takes up too much storage space.

Advantages of Tubular Batteries.

  • Capable of charging and discharging at somewhat high temperatures.
  • Efficient at withstanding the prolonged loss of materials.
  • Has the ability to effectively power up devices with high power requirements.
  • More user-friendly and low-maintenance.
  • Capable of high voltage charging.
  • A practical choice for regions with insufficient grid electricity.
  • A long life span.

Disadvantages of Tubular Batteries.

While tubular batteries have several advantages, there are also some disadvantages to consider.

  • High Cost: Tubular batteries are more expensive than other types of lead-acid batteries due to their complex design and advanced manufacturing process.
  • Heavy Weight: Tubular batteries are quite heavy, making them difficult to move and install.

Why use a Tubular battery 12v 100AH 3000 cycles from Conderenergy?

A Tubular Inverter battery is the reliable option and can be utilized in almost all locations, both with regular and infrequent power outages, as should be obvious from the above breakdown. Although maintenance is required, it is typically extremely low. Additionally, they have a decent lifespan, so you won’t need to worry about replacing them frequently.

Because of their strength, tubular batteries can easily run appliances with high power requirements. Therefore, it’s a wonderful option for your home if you’re fed up with your living space being dimly lit during power outages. You desire identical efficiency across the board for all of your appliances, which is only attainable with high-power inverter batteries.

What’s in the box
1 x Tubular battery 12v 100AH 3000 cycles – No cables


500 x 190 x 373


12 Months Warranty


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