Lithium Battery SVolt 5.09kw


The Lithium Battery SVolt 5.09kw 106AH 48v 5124 is an A grade battery with a 5 year warranty and 6000 cycles | Best price | Get yours now Athlone


Lithium Battery SVolt 5.09kw 106AH 48v 5124

48V 106AH
1 x Red (Positive) Battery Cable
1 x Black (Negative) Battery Cable
1 x Ethernet cable
1 x Manual
5 Years Warranty/6000 Cycles 80% DoD

The Lithium Battery SVolt 5.09kw 106AH 48v 5124 A-Grade is manufactured by a world-leading manufacturer SVOLT which is joined with the Haval groups which we all know are extremely recognized for their vehicles, using A-Grade Battery cells. This allows superior performance, capacity, and reliability. Using state of high power A-Grade cell technology, the Lithium Battery is designed for environmentally sensitive areas and is committed to recycling.

Svolt batteries are widely used in industrial, residential, commercial, and private applications. The maintenance-free construction and advanced design features make the Lithium Battery the definitive choice for a wide variety of markets – Like solar and renewable energy storage for electric vehicles, industrial equipment, medical equipment, telecommunications, TVs, and UPS systems.

5 Year warranty

Requires a COC from your electrician for the warranty to be valid


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